Wednesday, January 6, 2010

A wee overview.

It has been a busy week so far, I have been trying to study ( my exam is in the morning), had an interview (at the hospital and yes, I think it went well), moved...all of our furniture around the house, made about 10 pillows, and have been decorating so things look a bit more like a cohesive style rather than a flea market-dorm room. Oh and we went and picked up 5 Jersey Giant roosters today, they were free and they are HUGE! They are gonna be so yummy in my belly.

Speaking of yummy in my belly. I made a lamb roast this week for the first time. We got it in our food pantry box before Christmas and have been waiting to eat it. It was delicious! However I learned something funny, Mr. T cannot stand lamb. I had no idea. But the kids and I have been eating it since Monday, we had the roast, then Tuesday I chopped some into wee bits and put in in with the spaghetti sauce over pasta, and today we had grilled cheese and fried egg sandwiches with lamb slices on it. I think there is still about a pound left that will go in the freezer, but man have I found something I love. Yum.

Anyway it has been a week of trying to be busy and study and be busy. On top of it from last Thursday to Sunday it snowed, basically non-stop, so we have a LOT of snow on the ground. It is wonderful. So we are staying busy, I would like to be busy working for a pay check but I will take what I can get and I am satisfied having a clean pretty house and some new poultry.

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