Tuesday, January 12, 2010


I got a haircut today. We made a trip to the region and I visited a friend and got a haircut. It was a celebratory kinda thing.

I FINALLY took my state CNA exam yesterday, and I PASSED, with flying colors, as if there was ever a doubt. It was nerve wracking-ly stressful to get to the test , with the snow and confusion about start time. And then also very stressful when I got there before it started. Once it started it was smooth sailing and really very fast, and frankly, easy.

I was the first finished with the written and the first one to attempt my skills. There was a lot of hurry up and wait but it was a pretty quick day.

Now to get a job. I had an interview last week at the hospital, my dream place of employment, and it went well. Hopefully I will hear something soon.

I have another interview next week with a home healthcare company, weee! So if the hospital falls through I have options, which is really nice.

So anywho, I thought a haircut would be a good celebration and I kinda need one anyway. I think it is just perfect. Short hair is really growing on me...if that isn't too silly.

Also I am starting a new exercise regiment tonight. Oddly enough Mr. T has been working out and eating better for a few weeks now and is very motivated to get fit and be healthy, good for him... and me. I now have a workout partner, YAY!

Here's to big steps towards better lives, new jobs and goals...and to bitchin' new hairdo's.

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