Tuesday, September 3, 2013

The thrill of a new roof.

 So in May, after much deliberation and cray cray saving, we dove feet first into our roof repair, extension, and our first contractor paying renovation. We were told it would take ten days. A month and a half, no more wood burning fire place, a cars worth of cash, and a stupid amount of rain and hiccups later, we have a covered porch, new soffats, and a no longer leaky roof. Huzzah!
Please enjoy the highlights.
 The first two are before pictures.
 Work begins.
 They stripped the old shingles in 2 hours with 4 guys, it was spectacular.

 Initially we were going to keep the wood burner chimney. However as soon as we opened it up we realized it was a totally wacky size and not at all safe. So, we made the quick decision to nix the fireplace and eventually swap it for a gas version that vents out the side of the house.

 And after all the headache, and stress, and fun too, we have a BEAUTIFUL 500 sq ft covered porch that we use constantly. It was exactly what I envisioned when we purchased this house and I could not be happier with it. No more leaky roof. No more beautiful, but rather unusable, frying pan of a deck. And most importantly, a beautiful space for the family to use, and we do, all the time. 
It's wondrous how much better a junky morning is with a cup of coffee on the deck.


  1. We can imagine. :) And rather gallant, too. There's just something roof does which can just make us feel formidable, like we can withstand anything. So the thrill is good, hehe; it is well-earned. Getting better roofs is a must.


  2. Sharing with us just how happy and contented you feel about your new roof is truly good to hear. Though some roofing projects really require money and time, the result that gives you ample time for relaxation and great peace of mind is more than any amount can pay for, don't you agree? Well, congratulations, and here's to more fun bonding with your family!
    Danielle @ Vinylume Home Improvement

  3. I was amazed with how fast the roofing project was finished. Well, four guys working together? That will surely make the task faster and easier. Cheers to your new roof! Do your best to maintain it so it would last for twenty or more years.

    Tamara Stanley @ Rhino Roofing

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