Saturday, August 31, 2013

A conversation on a Saturday morning.

*open scene* 
Me drinking coffee, leisurely, on the couch reading a historical romance novel about an English Duke and a Colonial merchants daughter, while Mr. T sleeps and all three boys playing together upstairs.
"Mom, did you get the Halloween decorations out yet?" MAT

"No bud, I'll get them out on Tuesday." Me.
 "Soooo, that isn't a toy bat on my floor?" MAT

"Get you brothers out and everyone wash hands! It didn't bite anyone, anyone touch it?" Me, said as I race up the stairs. 
"Don't worry mom, I touched it, it's dead." RAT
"Wash hands, right now, HOT water and lots of soap!" Me, as I disposed of the poor brown bat.
*end scene*
P.S. It was in fact dead, but didn't look crunched by Morgan or Watermelon, cause of death unknown, also, point of entry unknown. Now I have terrible visions of bats living in the attic cause I don't know where it came from.
So this is my life. It is wonderful, often gross, and never ever dull.
(I will try to post more tidbits like this on the regular. Loads has happened over the last 11 months and I hope to tell the tales to you all and resume regular posts, but it's me, so let's hope for more posts than once a year. And no, no new babies, though I could have made a whole new one in the time I've been gone. Happy Saturday!)

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