Monday, August 23, 2010


Well, HELLO Third Trimester. Wasn't expecting to see you so soon and my apologies that you actually started last week and I was totally oblivious, what with other things on my mind. (The other things being MAT starting Kindergarten, more on that later)

I am not sure where this pregnancy is going but it is going there far too fast. Seems like just yesterday it was Easter and I had all the time in the world and now I have a skint 3 months left. Eeep. On the upside I feel pretty ready, labor aside, for this new addition. The closets have been organized, the nursery room(which wont be used till next summer, most likely) is ready, Christmas shopping is all but finished, all storage areas in the house have been sorted and organized and the house has been rearranged several times over. I fear I may have let the nesting instinct take over too early this go around and I think it might change focus, sorry Mr. T, on painting and home improvement things for the next three months. When all the drawers have been sorted and organized there is not much left to do but paint I am afraid. I keep telling myself to start quilting but with RAT underfoot all day I fear he will end up pin poked and scratched.

I am currently fighting the urge to turn our master bedroom upstairs into the playroom/guestroom and turning our current playroom/guestroom downstairs into our master bedroom. I know it would not be a good switch and should wait till our youngest child is no longer climbing into bed with us at night, but the urge is very very strong... I will continue fighting it, we will see how it goes. I suppose rearranging furniture within the confines of individual rooms will just have to do.

Time is flying by this year and it will be a whole new year, and we will be a different family, before we know it.

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  1. Whoa.



    Time is flying!!!!

    you'll be a mama to three in mere months :-)