Friday, July 9, 2010

MAT took this picture this morning.
Mr. T and RAT enjoying an afternoon nap yesterday. (aren't they prescious?)
The boys decided that the doors look much better white, so they started pealing the old (and much HATED) brown paint off the doors. I was upset for a split second, the mess, the lack of respect of property, the destruction, wait...the quiet, but then I got the garbage can and told them to knock themselves out. Honestly I like the doors better this way, even though they look a bit disheveled at the moment AND it got me a half an hour of near silence, amongst the giggles and "Oooo that's a big piece" and "Need help RAT, let me start that one for you." I suppose this act of destruction really was an improvement...

Morgan's favorite spot on hot days, aside from bring in the pool with the boys of course.
Mr. T  WILL fix that hole in the pasture fence today, and the pool will also be disinfected. Very cute and all, but we know that ducks poo where they swim and we do not need duck butt tea to play in. They knew they were in trouble the moment I stepped out the door, they ran back to the pasture and waited at the gate. They have their OWN pools to play in but insist on playing in this one, I think they like the slide. 

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  1. Hello, Hana Jean...thank you for visiting my blog! I love your parenting perspective about the pain-peeling (alliteration!)'re a kindred, I think. If no one is going to get hurt, I don't fret too much about "unusual" play choices! Congrats on baby #3...have you heard from other parents of 2+ kids that 3 is twice as many as 2? Strange math, but I'd have to agree!!