Thursday, July 22, 2010

Boy! Oh! Boy!

Big things happening in the last two weeks. Last week I hit the 20 week mark, halfway to the finish. Woohoo! This pregnancy is flying by. Yesterday I had my 20 week, more like 22 weeks apparently, ultrasound and things look wonderful.

After wrestling with whether to find out the sex of this baby or not for months, yesterday came and went and we decided to try something new. With the boys we opted for surprises. I had a very strong feeling with MAT that he would be a boy, with RAT I was undecided, but we waited till they were born to find out their sex. Since we waited with the first two and frankly I wanted to know this time, we found out. I went in with the opinion of if they can tell us easily, great we will find out, and if the baby is uncooperative I guess we will wait. I am glad our little bundle was very cooperative.

And Little T #3's sex is....*drum roll please*... BOY! Yes folks that is right, another boy for the T family. The technician said "I rarely see babies that are THIS obvious. And now he has curled up into a ball..." I sat up a little and said "HE!" with a smile. The tech said  "Oh, I did use that word didn't I, well you wanted to know right? (We had discussed it before she started) So here you go!" She turned the screen so I could see, and folks, I am NOT good an understanding what I am seeing on an ultrasound, the head, heart, and spine are pretty easy spots for me, but never having seen a penis on ultrasound, remember the last two were surprises, I am amazed at how obvious it was. Even a complete novice penis spotter had NO trouble spotting it.

So there you have it, another boy. Mr. T was not able to attend the ultrasound with me, work and all, so I waited till he got home and let him decipher the photos all by himself. He got the the fourth frame, the one that said BOY, and sat down. He mumbles something along the lines of "we are so screwed" and then stood up, smiled, hugged me and said "Another Boy! Woohoo!".

To me, the best part of his reaction is that was my exact internal reaction when I heard. I thought, "Oh boy, another boy, we are screwed...but its another healthy baby boy! Yay!" I think it is funny we had the same reaction. When I told RAT he would have a little brother he, as expected, was indifferent, he will have a real opinion when the little guy is here and comes home. When I told MAT he was getting another brother, dismayed, he said he needed a minute, and went and sat down. After a few minutes he came back and asked, "Well, will he be a nice baby brother?" I assured him that he would be a very nice baby. He then stated,  "Well, ok then, I am very happy." He also later told us that this brother would be named MAT, just like him, and would look just like him, and they would be twins and like all the same things. We tried to tell him that this baby would, in fact, NOT be named MAT but they might indeed look alike OR they might look very differently. I suppose we will know in 4 months.

On a completely unrelated topic. I am taking an "All By Myself" mini vacation next week to see my best friend, in North Carolina... I am VERY excited. So between preparing for that, our family reunion, getting ready for MAT to start school in August, and life in general, I might not be around all that much for the next couple weeks. I will return, I am just not sure when.

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