Thursday, September 17, 2015

About that...

I wasn't lying!
I swear, I didnt disappear again.
I, well, I did, but it wasn't because I crawled into a chair with a stack of books. I simply had far too lofty expectations of myself during the height of canning season. I have been processing our apples, daily, sometimes all day, for very nearly 6 weeks now and, thankfully, I only have a little over a bushel to go.
The tomatoes are manageable still, but I have been, and still am, crazy busy with the preserving. As I type this, I have a big ole pot on the stove, softening a 1/2 bushel of apples I am going to hang to juice for preserving tomorrow.

I haven't abandoned you or my blog. I have MANY informative, witty, funny, life and preserving related blog posts slowly being finished. But my writing time is limited...aaaaand I lost a post about crabapples that took me two days to get just right, and then I erased the whole thing and it autosaved my nothing before I could do anything about it. I might have cursed my technological dinosaur-hood to  Jupiter and back while bawling like I was watching Beaches. To say I was frustrated and sad is an understatement. So I am being very careful to back up my workings in other places as well as the magic blogger autosaves, so sorry for the slow going. On the upside, expect a post about crabapples soon.

Oh, and one about me building things for Mr. T! I do that now. I'm a power tool using, build complicated things with my own two handsies, chick, now. Its kinda great.

And one about bees.

And one about turkeys.

And one about my obsession with decorating for Halloween!

I have lots of stories started, but none finished. I am working on it. Swearsies.

And now I need to get back to my stove so I can *maybe* get some sleep tonight.

Do not fret though I will leave you with some cute photos.

DOT reading last Sundays comics,
today. Not a laughing matter, apparently.
A very sweet, nearly toothless, old lady dog,
wearing a sweater, looking shocked.
This makes me smile whenever I see it.
wearing my Grandmothers apron,
just as I have been daily for weeks.
Loving that she wore it to do the same things I am.
Looking a bit haggard,
but feeling very lucky to have so much homegrown food to preserve,
a wonderful home to keep clean,
a loving husband to spend my life with,
and healthy kiddos to chase after and haul to practice,
all mixed up together,
making me this way.
I'll take a little haggard with all that other wonderful.

Happy Thursday friends.

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