Thursday, August 20, 2015

Don't call it a comeback...

Really, just don't.
I'm not sure what this is.
I'm... dipping my toes, testing the water, absolutely NOT diving in head first.
No guarantees, no promises, no expectations.

If you are still here and a subscriber, thank you.
I didn't mean to be away so long.
I don't even know why I was.
There weren't any life changing things.
No catastrophe that kept me away or off the interweb entirely.

I just...haven't been here.

I retreated into many many spectacularly good, and bad, books. Which isn't a bad thing on its own, but what I was doing was avoidance of reality, for no particular reason.

I read, did the absolute bare minimum of housework, fed my family far too much easy junk food, and abandoned my writing.

In June, when school let out, and the boys were home, I realized how much I had checked out as a parent. How much I was not being the parent I wanted to be. How much I wasnt being the me I wanted to be. And that sucks. So I worked on myself all summer. Reconnecting with my kids and husband. Reconnecting to my inner Ma Ingles. Reconnecting to the frugal, involved, do it myself woman I was and want to be, always.

I am going to try to blog regularly and write regularly, again. To finish my forgotten and abandoned writing, crafting, cooking things regularly. I have been working all summer to grow, make or preserve as much food for my family as I can.
I haven't done much of any of that in, oh, almost two years, and I am looking to remedy that and get back.

But don't call it a comeback, because, well, I've been known to be full of empty promises before...

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  1. Yes.
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