Friday, September 23, 2011

How much do I love the Muppets?


If you do not have viewing capabilities, so sorry. The basic concept of the video is a monster, dressed as a bunny, with actual Muppet bunnies, singing "Stand By Me", doing what monsters do best.

But to those of you who can watch it, right at 21 seconds is my very favorite part. I must have watched this 10 times and laughed out loud each time. I do love the Muppets, so very very much.

I also have a huge crush on Jason Segel, ever since "Freaks and Geeks", yeah, so... I can have a celebrity crush, and I adore him. And I bring him up because the new Muppet movie comes out at Thanksgiving and Jason co-wrote the new film and also stars amongst others...He loves the Muppets too, one more reason I adore him. Anyway. I hope you could view the song and if you couldn't stop by and I will play it for you, repeatedly.

Oh and go see "The Muppets" on November 23rd.

Thank you goodnight. You may now return to your regularly schedules day and avoid any more plugs from me.

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