Wednesday, July 20, 2011

BEANS! and zucchinni and stuff.

"Mom LOOK! Green Bean MOOSTACHES!"

One more.

Now to work. This is our first year, EVER, that I have managed to get  green bean crop to produce. So we are in the height of picking, snapping and canning them. The first batch, which was picked and snapped by my lovely MAT and Spider-Man, canned the very same evening last week, and I am just getting around to telling you about it now. If it dries out a smidge I will pick and can another batch tonight, as is the plan, but with the soggy that is happening right now I fear they will have to wait till tomorrow.
"Shootsing webs at yous."

(in case you don't know, Spider-Man has been joining us for breakfast, lunch and sometimes dinner most days the last week or so. I don't know where RAT goes, but he never seems to be around when Spider-Man joins us. Weird right?)

We are kicking the bean harvests...bum. But the zucchini harvest is the other way around. I have made some zucchini pickles, I will give a recipe and photos after they have time to "pickle" and I know if they are good or not, we have been dicing, shredding, making baby food, putting them in bread, on eggs, in pasta, and eating them with two meals a day. None have gone to waste yet, but there is only so much room in the freezer and there is a limited amount of ways to can them. I am thankful for my zucchini, they are quite delicious. I am impatient for the tomatoes so I can add them to my sauce.

So that's it on the harvest front. The sunflowers are blooming, the pumpkins are taking over and climbing everything, the sweet corn is tasseling, and the tomatoes are plumping, though none are changing colors yet, rats.

And we ended up with about 3 pints, for a first haul, not too bad. I hope to get 4 quarts or so today or tomorrow. Gotta keep those plants picked so we can get enough beans to get us through till next year. Here's hoping! And happy growing!

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