Thursday, June 23, 2011

I do so love custom orders for repeat customers.

Really I do. Particularly when the custom work is asked for by such awesome moms as two of my repeat customers. The two customers, who have come back year after year, asking me to make goodies for their kiddos. I heart them and their childrens (yes, I intended to say childrens), that I have dresses for nearly every year of their young lives. Makes me feel good.
And it has awoken my urge to sew. I see some custom goodies in my kiddos near future, and maybe some table runners for the holiday, and some new curtains, and a quilt or two.... Something has definitely awoken.
Of course the part of me that obsesses over the garden is kicking and screaming, but with this wonky Indiana weather as of late, it can't go into the garden with out sinking up to its knees in mud.

Anyway. Here is a few pictures of the goodness I made for one special little bud in North Carolina. His Moma has the very best taste in fabric. She sends me a big ole box once a year and has me make his wardrobe. Here is this years collection totals 10 shirts, and is modeled by MAT, he had fun, I swear.

 It took a  while to get started with this project. I have had the fabric for nearly a month, but again with the janky weather, it only took two days to construct all 10 shirts. Much Thanks to the rain, whom ever invented the baby sling, "He-Man and the Masters of the Universe" streaming live on netflix, and the play-dough cupcake maker. Don't judge, when going out of doors is not an option Mom's do what they must.

Both RAT and MAT have requested wardrobes of their own, so we will be taking the monies(again an intended misspelling, its more fun to say it that way) from this batch of goodness and purchasing the materials for my boys wardrobes. Yay! Of course I will tackle the table runner for Independence Day first, then off to the button ups! I forgot how much fun watching the boys light up at things made just for them is.

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