Friday, December 10, 2010

Look what we made!

Last Friday, December 3rd 2010, at 4:49 pm, central time, we welcomed DOT to the world an our family. He is an 8 pound 5 ounce, 19 inch long, bundle of pure joy. He has loads of dark brown hair and, we think, blue eyes. His labor was incredibly easy, really it was unreal how pleasant it was. It was only tough for the last 20 minutes and 10 minutes of that was pushing. There was a bit of scariness for me after delivery but I won't go into it now, and everything is FINE now so no worries. That is a story for another day. Today is just about introducing you to DOT. So without further a due here he is. (and there will be more posts and photos to come, like "the T boys meet their new brother" and such.)

So until I can post again, I asure you we are on cloud nine. He has been with us for a week now and honestly it seems like he has always been here. The older boys are just in love with him and so are Mr. T and I. Our family of 5 is totally content.

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