Tuesday, June 1, 2010

I have a confession.

We watched "Nanny McPhee" yesterday. All in all I like the film, the boys loved it, especially the dancing donkey, but the part I cannot get out of my head is the children's bedroom. If you have seen this film you know what I am talking about when I say it is PERFECT! OK, you may not agree that it is the perfect child's room but you have to agree it is pretty and unusual.

One large loft room with iron twin beds linning up and down BOTH sides of the room. Handmade afghans and quilts, each very different, adorn each of the beds. It is just my ideal dream of a childrens room. Maybe not 7 beds...but I do really like the way they all looked and hope to attain some symblence of that style in our childrens room. Simple, comfortable, playful, and childlike.

Now to find iron beds...


  1. Have I mentioned that a few weeks ago we switched rooms? The kids all have the big bedroom (and bathroom) and Chris and I took Max's old room. We were thinking more "peter pan" than Nanncy McPhee, but the era is right: a nursery type of setting.

    I LOVE the colors in that movie (and Colin Firth doesn't hurt either)

    Love you!

  2. YES! Peter Pan! That too! I do much prefer the pallet of Nanny McPhee and the old quilts and afghans and iron beds. I am losing say in the design of their room day by day so those will never happen. But yes the room full of beds and kids, that is the ultimate goal of my vision.

    (And I agree about Colin Firth, he makes anything more enjoyable)