Sunday, August 30, 2009

A bit late

But we did butcher some ducks last weekend. I cant believe I forgot to post about this.

I did the first all by myself, with instructions in hand of course, from start to finish. Gotta say it was not my favorite task ever, but it was by far not the worst at all. I wont go into detail about the butchering, there are other sites that cover that. I did the first all by my onesie and then Mr., who is squeamish about this sorta thing, stepped up and stated, "well I suppose I should do one too, you know, so I know how." Gotta admit I was a little proud of him, taking on a new uncomfortable task such as this. I explained what to do and walked away. He stopped me and said "Oh, um, could you say it again, I wasn't really listening to what you just said." Ha!

So I did the first one, Mr. T butchered the second, and I did the last two. We butchered 4 in total. MAT, who watched and seemed rather unaffected, was very currious about the whole thing. Once he saw how "easy" it was, he wanted to help. I told him when he was 8 he could help but till then he could only watch. He then stated that we should get pigs and a cow and eat them too. I said I draw the line at poultry for butchering. Maybe some herritage turkeys and maybe some geese next year. But I think mammals I will get too attached to, I think I know my limits are.

We ate one of the ducks last Monday and it was pretty good. Roast duck is quite good, of course I already knew this it was the menfolk who needed convincing. I personally think it is very nice to know that the food you are eating was healthfully raised and humanely dispatched.

My ego was a bit bruised though. Mr.T's duck was more cleanly plucked than my 3 were, however I am stating his duck was out of molt entirely whereas my ducks weren't quite finished, and he has bigger hands. I don't know if the latter matters but I am saying it does. So our flock is down from 20 to 16.


  1. somewhere up above, wearing no doubt a beautiful handmade floral apron, Lula is smiling down on you and probably Virginia, too :-)

    I think you are more woman than I am, for sure!

    lots of love to you,

  2. I hope they are proud. I bet they were laughing their buns off while I was working on the first one, it was not so easy.

    And Kara I am not more woman, I am just more frontier woman than you. ;)

    My skill for this week and next will be making candles, rendering lye, setting fence posts and chopping wood. Ha! Ok not hte first two. But I will be setting fence posts and chopping wood.

    I hope to be comfortable with a chainsaw to take care of the brush next spring. Eeep! Nick keeps telling me to stop learning his jobs, I weedwacked last week. He says, "if you learn and do them, what chores will I have to complain about doing?!" He's so funny.