Sunday, July 19, 2009

The Movies

Last night, on a whim, the Mr. and I decided that we should have a date night. We haven't had one out of the house for a year and a half that didn't involve a wedding or family event. So last night we called in a Grandma and went to check out our new town and see what it had to offer.

We went to go see "Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen". And I am a fan of the franchise, the lead actor and robots in general, so my revue might be a bit bias, but I loved it. I am a fan more and more of Shia Labeouf, and there was an "Even Stevens" moment with a girly scream that was very funny. I could have delt with much less of Megan Fox's bum and chest but sex sells and running scantily clad women have been popular in film for years, Baywatch anyone. There was much more questionable language and more fighting in this film, which are both a plus in my book. But the best part of the whole evening was the price.

We went to the 6:15pm showing, and for Mr. and I it cost $3, total. Yeah. Now the theater wasn't super high tech with digital surround or fancy seats with cup holders. Nope not here. It was a humble theater with maybe 80 or 100 seats, the old squishy smelly auditorium seats that one person can barely rest their arm on never mind sharing an armrest. Very low tech, but the sound was good and the picture was perfect. The floor was clean and not sticky, a rarity in any big movie theater these days. The food was overpriced, but not as bad as your giant theaters. And you cant beat the ticket price. We can actually take the kids to a movie here! If they are being unruly I wouldn't mind leaving if we were only out $12. I mean in our old city it was that much PER person, even if one of the persons was 1 year old. It was really a fantastic time. I am so glad we opted to try out the local theater instead of going to the bigger fancy one in the bigger town near us.

Then we decided to check out the local nightlife, which was VERY tame, and exactly what we expected. We checked out a couple local hangouts, all of which were filled with people much older than us and frankly far too different ideally for us to be able to get into a conversation with, without causing an argument. So we didn't last long out after the film. A quick trip to Taco Bell for some burritos and off to home we were. We were in by 11pm, which was perfect and the best end to a pretty darn good evening. I got to have a date night with my husband, sleep last night, and I got to sleep in this morning, life is very good.

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